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King Power Oceanographic

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King Power Oceanographic, King Power Oceanographic
Men's fashion in the 1930s inspired by decorative arts

Not only the structure and form of the case, but also the formation of the dial and the needle, and the method of connecting the belt, "Frank Muller replica watches Vanguard" was born as a next-generation standard model, creating an unprecedented new axis. Have. The engraved three-dimensional Arabic numeral index deep engraving ensures the height of visibility, and the straps combined with the case through a unique mounting method bring an excellent fit.

Pioneer / Reference: V 45 SC DST S TG AC 5 N, case size: 53.7 mm × 44.0 mm, case material: SS × 18 KPG, waterproof: waterproof daily life, strap: crocodile × rubber, movement: Automatic winding
The trend and evolution of this Art Deco style is particularly prominent in the United States, but it is not limited to architecture and everyday objects, but has a major impact on men's fashion. This is what is now called "the style of the 1930s."

It is the world's first male magazine, Esquire (Esquire), which introduces the most advanced men's fashion of the era and makes the United States a world-class "men's fashion country." )this is".
If you want to understand men's fashion in the 1930s and 1940s, you should first unlock "Esquire".replica watches luxury

The men's fashions in the various scenes introduced there are very elegant, and the Art Deco motifs such as tie or cufflinks are used everywhere.

In a men's suit, the jacket fits the upper body and widens the bottom (trousers), creating a beautiful line that flows from top to bottom. This creates a brilliant and sexy impression.

In Manhattan's skyscrapers, exquisite business styles are popular, and casual styles have never been combined in resorts such as Florida and California.

Frank Muller's "Vanguard Yachting" is perfect for such a resort. The strap is a combination of a blue dial with a compass image, a highly waterproof fabric and a rubber that can be used without hesitation in any beach resort.

"Frank Muller (Frank Muller)" issued a new announcement on the Jantoe watchland outside Geneva in 2019. The new work on display was also the 25th anniversary of Casablanca's birth, a masterpiece by Frank Muller in 2019 and a unique world of Frank developed around Tono Carbex. In particular, Casablanca's 25th anniversary model "Casablanca 25th (CASABLANCA 25th)" is a new masterpiece that makes the concept of the original model developed on the theme of travel and adventure more powerful. In addition, the dial design of the large date display model "Tono Carvex TM Gran Giche (CINTRÉELURVEXGRAND GUICHET)" has been completely remodeled, and the problem work "Tono Car Beck member (550.ns.1800.rx.orl19)" has announced many new works from the concept of subverting time from the bottom.

Genius watchmaker Frank Muller's 25th anniversary special exhibition at Frank Muller Kyoto
In 1992, we had a 25-year milestone in 2017 due to the creation of the brand “Frank Muller” by rare genius watchmaker Frank Muller and partner Valtan Schirmaques. Today, it is known throughout the world as the representative brand of the Swiss luxury mechanical watch "Frank Muller". Not many people know the growth in just 25 years, and watchmaker Frank Muller is also a real person.
Born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, Franck Muller is a talented watchmaker who will revolutionize the world of mechanical watches. Since 2000, the Watchland Group has been established with nine brands, dominated by his own brand. It grew up with a "philosopher" on Frank Muller's watch, sometimes incorporating elements of "fantasy" and finding beauty there. Bringing technology and spirit to the never-ending challenge, making watches bring joy and excitement to those who carry their hands.

A special exhibition "Kyoto WPHH JAPON 2017" will be held in 2017, which will be an anniversary. The SODOH in Kyoto was chosen as the venue and was built in 1929 as “Toyama Shido”. The masterpiece of Japanese painting, Takeuchi Satoshi, later became a studio/private dwelling. Since then, it has been widely used as a place for cultural exchanges. Celebrities from various fields have gathered together while retaining many large projects of Western art.

Frank Muller's watchmaking principle is said to be a vivid legend of the mechanical replica men watches world, blending the beautiful culture of historical Kyoto.
Страницы: 1
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