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They could've just ported new leaf into the change and had a much better

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They could've just ported new leaf into the change and had a much better
No stores, no New Horizons Items particular place such as the island or town, about the one thing you can do is decorate your city and home. Although it's difficult to know how this game would have worked out like if the pandemic did not happen. Like maybe the April update would've had more in it, but that knows.I can not wait to play with this sport for 20 minutes and then don't play it until the next update comes out.

This. They could've just ported new leaf into the change and had a much better end product than what's out there now.The something non-gamers always ask me when they see AC is"wow, that appears really cool! Would you cook in this faucet?" . .underwhelmed? I mean, the pumpkin farming is trendy and undoubtedly can result in more vegetable growing in the future, but other than that. . .just some fresh Halloween decorations and handing out candies appears pretty sparse in comparison to what's been done in past AC games.

The majority of the updates that have occurred so far were just to add things which were already in new foliage, and none of the new attributes are memorable.New Horizons only has very little engaging content IMO. After a month of admittedly very fun times with the match, I had little to no desire to pick it back up. Vastly favor Stardew Valley.

I also find it humorous that one single indie dev made a 20 life sim/farming gameg that had more content on release than ac does now

Careful. Saying this at the AC thread contributes to despise. People really want to say this game has no flaws...

I agree with you, however. I do my everyday rock hitting and bell burying, but I have nothing else to do. Villagers don't communicate much. You're gated by DIY projects (I have still yet to find anything for a suitable buy Animal Crossing Items kitchen). Swimming is nice. .
Страницы: 1
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